What makes lawyers content? Strategies to retain and attract the best lawyers in 2023.

According to a 2021 Thomson Reuters report, lawyer retention and recruitment were noted by 51 percent of respondents as a top priority. Last year, this concern dropped drastically as a risk, with only 28% of respondents citing it as an extremely risky factor to profit in 2022.

Although new issues may be taking over the war on talent, it is crucial now more than ever for companies to ensure that their employees are satisfied to keep them in their job.

Here are three strategies to think about this year to keep your lawyers content:

1. Flexibility and giving employees greater control over their work schedules
For years legal firms were known to be resistant to having their employees work from home, assuming that the bulk of the work they performed was best done in the office. However, when everyone was removed from the office at the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, The teams demonstrated that they could perform almost everything at home as they could in the office, provided they could access the appropriate technology. According to a survey in 2022 carried out by the American Bar Association, 44 percent of surveyed lawyers were willing to leave their current work to be able to work remotely from anywhere.

Demonstrating that they can perform well in a remote setting has created expectations for employees that this type of flexibility will be permanent. In the 2022 Thomson Reuters Law Firm Business Leaders Report, 40% of the respondents said they would support remote work to boost efficiency.

For work-life balance and wellness or just flexible work hours. The concept of flexibility in work is a perk that top team members would like to see from their employers.

2. Offering growth and development opportunities in the early stages and frequently
Lawyers who have started their careers are eager to put into practice what they’ve learned in college and get a taste of what it’s like to be on the ground.

Although it’s wonderful having new bodies investigate precedents in case studies, this type of work also has the potential of leading to burning out sooner rather than later. Particularly if they don’t have the most efficient technology to carry out their studies. It’s not just that it takes them longer to finish their research. However, it may also cause them to feel that the business doesn’t care about their efforts.

By supplying the latest technology, they can complete more legal research within a shorter period. They can also discover more about the law during the process.

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There are many other ways you can make team members’ first moments with the company more enjoyable, for example:

By bringing them into the team who is in charge of the issue: They will observe how meetings are planned and gain first-hand insight into what the other team members want from them. In addition, they will have more confidence and a sense of being in charge of the situation.
Formalized development programs for new employees. Along with mentoring new team members, they would like to know which career opportunities are available at the company. The development plan can allow the team members to envision their place in the next two, five, ten, or ten years. The ability to envision their company’s future could help reduce turnover d encourage employees to remain with the company for longer if they’re happy with the things they are seeing.
3. Making sense of significance and meaning in their work
People who are entering the workforce today have an interest in making an impact on the world. Apart from volunteering their time and energy to their favorite organizations, they would like their time in the workplace to be meaningful to something more.

Think about where your company has the greatest impression on the world. That’s your goal. Include that in the process of recruiting and onboarding. You should regularly display work that aligns with your goals so that your current employees are reminded that their work is important.

Discover what motivates individuals and guide them toward working with clients with a shared desire. Allow new team members to use the technology and resources of the firm to support pro bono projects. Inspire them to investigate a topic beyond the firm’s normal work scope. Allow them to be enthusiastic. Let them embrace their passion.


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Understanding the generational differences that exist in future hires
These are crucial due to the rising, growing number of millennials and Zoomers — as Gen Z has come to be called, dominating the workforce. The oldest generation of millennials is older than 40, and the most senior Zoomers are in their mid-20s.

Although some of the early millennials didn’t have smartphones or high-speed internet, they quickly embraced the technology as soon as it became accessible. On the other hand, Zoomers have never experienced an age without instant access to the latest technologies.

The use of modern technology is a common practice for both generations and has been a necessity for them when they think about the places they would like to work. Since most new associates are Zoomers and millennials are starting to assume leadership roles in their organizations, the need for an emphasis on cutting-edge technology will only grow.

The legal tech provides the base.
The competition for the best talent has grown as fierce as the competition for the clients to run a business. Establishing an environment that is appealing to the millennial generation and other Zoomers is essential to offer your company a chance to attract talent and keep it around.

While aligning with values that are personal to you will be important but the argument could also be claimed that using the latest legal technology is not a priority when you take the time to review your company’s technology stack for legal and set yourself up to stand out in the future when potential employers evaluate your business against the competition.

In addition, you’ll also reap all the advantages associated with technology that allows your company to run at its highest efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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In the years to come, New issues will undoubtedly emerge. Be sure your company has the best people and is equipped with the appropriate tools to address future issues and be an innovator in the market. Discover the latest developments in technologies for legal research and how it’s developed to meet the changing demands of your business.

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