“Unlocking the Possibilities of Africa PhD Scholarship in Data Science for Africans 2023

Are you an African student interested in developing a career in Data Science? If so, then there is good news for you! Quantum Leap Africa has announced the PhD Scholarship program for Africans who are eager to pursue their research and studies at the forefront of data science. This fully funded scholarship will provide an excellent opportunity to work towards a doctoral degree within a high-quality training program.

The Quantum Leap Africa PhD Scholarships will be awarded to seven outstanding students from any African country who have demonstrated excellence in academic achievement, leadership potential, and commitment to making positive change on the continent through their work with data science. The successful applicants selected by AIMS will receive full tuition fees coverage as well as living allowance during their tenure of study at one of its partner universities or institutions across Africa or abroad.

To be eligible for this prestigious award, candidates must possess relevant qualifications such as Master’s Degree (completed by September 2021) with minimum CGPA score 3 out 4/5; proficiency English language skills; strong interest and capability demonstrated through past projects related to areas such as machine learning & AI applications development/deployment etc.; experience working on research projects that involve big datasets would also be highly desirable but not mandatory; ability collaborate effectively with peers from diverse backgrounds is essential too .

This once-in-a lifetime opportunity should not let go off easily! So if you meet all these requirements along with your passion towards pursuing higher education while exploring new horizons , then don’t wait anymore – apply now before it’s too late !
Document Requirements:
Application Form
CV (you can use your own format, but please make sure to cover the content mentioned in this template that applies to your case).
Transcripts (Please submit your undergraduate and your masters level transcripts. Additional transcripts can be submitted if relevant.)
Application Deadline: 14th April 2023

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